What are the best 4 VPN services you should use in 2021?

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the worldwide working system completely for a long duration of time. According to research before Covid-19 in 2020 only 14.4% of office workers were actively worked from home (WFH).

Nowadays over 80 million peoples are doing WFH (work from home). People are using several unprotected Wi-Fi from different places like cafe or home or maybe other places.

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This gave a great opportunity to those prying eyes who always waiting to grab this situation. They steal your personal information and use it for their profit.

That’s why everyone is feeling compulsory to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to keep their online living safe.

After going through over 9 top listed worldwide VPN services including ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Namecheap etc, I’ve found out 4 best VPN services that are 100% safe for you.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. CyberghostVPN
  4. Surf shark VPN.

Express VPN

Server: Express VPN has 3,000+ server under 160 servers in 94 countries.


Trusted sever technology

ExpressVPN sends each data through RAM. RAM is a dynamic system.

When we restart our system, all our previous data are automatically deleted from RAM. ExpressVPN can’t share your data with anyone even if they want to or anyone asked for it.

Third-party Audit

ExpressVPN is the first one who did a third-party audit to level up consumer’s security. This makes them stand out from other VPN services.

IP address protected

ExpressVPN never let you reveal your true IP address. When you are connected with ExpressVPN, they made an encrypted connection (also known as a tunnel) between your device and the network you’re using (ISP- Internet Service Provider). There they hide your real IP address with their IP address which they share with thousands of other connections. Thus ExpressVPN protects your IP address from prying eyes.

Split tunnelling

By creating a split tunnel they control some traffic in your website and took them through the tunnel.


Can browse on every device

You can connect ExpressVPN on every device without any hustle.

24 hours live chat

A group of experts are always available there to solve each quarry through 24 hours live chat.

30 days money back

If you are not satisfied with their service you can get your money back within 30 days without any hustle

Service plan:

15 months- $6.67(per month)

1 month- $12.95

6 months $59.95($9.99 / per month)


  • Expensive compare to other services.
  • ExpressVPN isn’t available in the play store in India. You need to download it.


Server: 5536 servers in 59 countries.


No-log policy

NordVPN never asks you for extra data which are not necessary. They only collect information which is enough to provide you best service.

Automatic kill switch

NordVPN kill switch is always monitoring your connection with the VPN server. If anytime your VPN service drops, the kill switch immediately blocks all your data or sites you want to keep private and never let them exposed to your ISP or anyone, not even for the flash of a moment.

Protecting IP address

Just like ExpressVPN NordVPN creates a tunnel between your online activity and your ISP. There they cover your IP address with a new IP address which makes your data secure from the world.

Onion over VPN

Onion over VPN is an extraordinary security level. This gives you the combined advantages of The onion Router and the next-level security of a VPN tunnel.


Uninterrupted streaming

With a NordVPN service, you can enjoy your favourite videos from anywhere anytime without buffering.

Browse on multiple devices

You can connect your NordVPn to 6 devices at a time without any hassles.

24 hours at service

A group of experts are 24 hours available there to solve each query you have.

Worldwide access

With a NordVPN service, you can access over 100+ streaming websites worldwide without any issue.

Service plan-

2-year plan- $4.13/month

1-year plan- $4.92/month

1 month plan/$11.95/month


Torrenting only supporting on some devices.

Using an open VPN service is not user-friendly.

Cyber Ghost

Sevres: over 7300servers in 113 locations in 91 countries.


Hide your Ip address

Cyberghost hide your real IP address and cover it with their network. Thus you can spoof your location and your online activity from the world.

Strongest encryption

It’s nothing hard for your ISP to track and record your online activity. Even in some countries, it’s legal to keep a consumer’s online activity record.

But with a Cyber ghost service, you don’t have to worry at all about your privacy.

They keep your online privacy secure with 256-military-grade encryption.

Wi-Fi protection

Using broadband becomes natural. What’s more desirable than free Wi-Fi. But it’s not as beautiful as it looks. It can be a trap. While using any free Wi-Fi anybody can access your activity and steal your data.

Cyber ghost encrypts your traffic and protects you from all the prying eyes there.

No-log policy

Cyber ghost only cares about the information they need to give you the service you wanted. Other than that they never tried to find what are you doing or which website you are visiting.


  • Money back Guaranty-45 days
  • Simultaneous connection- 7

Service plan:

3 year plan-165/month

2-year plan- 255/month

1-year plan- 291/month

1 month- 895/month


  • Didn’t work out of the box
  • Limited payment option


Servers: 32000+ servers in 65 countries

If you are looking for the best VPN within budget then Surf Shark is the ideal one for you. After the updated version of 2021, they take their service to next level.

Surf shark also updated their security level.

Wire Guard Protocols


Wire guard protocols

Encryption (AES256 Bit)

Your privacy is the ultimate agenda for the Surf Shark team. They make your online activity secure with AES 256 encryption.


Like Express VPN service Surf Shark also make audit from the third party. But they only did the third party on their browsing.

Camouflage mood

Camouflage mood is one of those next-level security features of Surf Shark.

With camouflage mood, even your ISP can’t track any trace about your VPN service.

White List Protocols

Not each app needs a VPN service. With white list protocols, you can control which apps you wish to run directly through the internet.

Service plan

1 month plan-944.68/month

24 months plan-181.64/month

6 months plan-473.43/month


  • Poor speed
  • Not the best one for torrent freaks.


If you are in Digital Marketing, an entrepreneur, an online start-up, freelancing or any kind of online business then a VPN service is compulsory for you.

I hope after going through this article you get a clear idea about all these worldwide VPN services. Before choosing the right one follow those links I’ve given in each service to get your mind on the right track.

PS: while it’s a matter of your privacy never go for speed or budget.

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